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Using an organisation of your choice, explain the role of marketing and how it interrelates with other functional units of an organisation.

Critically analyse and evaluate the key elements of the marketing function and how they interrelate with other functional units of an organisation.

Assessment Type: Individual                                                                   Word Limit: 1000 max


Specification of Assessment

  • Present your work in one business report style which should include table of contents, reference list, foot or end notes and appendices if any
  • Each page must be numbered at the bottom right hand side.
  • Ensure the following information is in the footer on every page:
    • The production date of your submission: 31st October, 2017
    • The code number of your assignment brief: R/508/0486
    • Leave the front sheet/page blank:
  • Produce clear specific reasoning and arguments in support of your answers.
  • You must include a bibliography at the end to show where your information was sourced.
  • Your sources must be identified using the Harvard referencing system. The words used in your bibliography will not be included in your word count.

All work for assessment must be submitted with a Turnitin Report on plagiarism.  The Maximum Turnitin score admissible is 15% (after deduction of 1% & 2% records). Assignments with more that this adjusted 15% score will be automatically referred for reworking and resubmission

Books to read

BRASSINGTON, F. and PETTITT, S. (2012) Essentials of Marketing. 3rd Ed. Harlow: Pearson.

GROUCUTT, J. and HOPKINS, C. (2015) Marketing (Business Briefings). London: Palgrave Macmillan.

JOBBER, D. and CHADWICK, F. (2012) Principles and Practice of Marketing. 7th Ed. Maidenhead: McGraw-Hill

KOTLER, P. and ARMSTRONG, G. (2013) Principles of Marketing. London: Prentice Hall.


MCDONALD, M. and WILSON, H. (2011) Marketing Plans: How to Prepare Them, How to Use Them. 7th Ed. Chichester: John Riley and Sons.

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