you will need access to Anderson text public policy making 8th edition

Need Anderson text 8th edition Public Policy Making an IntroductionPlease submit your initial thread two days prior to the posted deadline (i.e. September 20). Utilize the remaining two days to comment on other posts and respond to comments from fellow students on your post. The discussion questions are based on chapters 6 and 7 of the textbook. In this discussion, we will dig deeper into the final two stages of the policy making process. These are policy implementation and policy evaluation. Please read the chapters and lecture notes before putting up your thread. The lecture notes and chapter summaries are available in the ‘content’ folder in Blazeview.Q1. Discuss the implementation process and how federalism affects the implementation of national policies. Please weave the case study (ESEA Act) discussed on pages 229-231 of the Anderson text into your answer.Q2. What is policy evaluation? Explain some of the problems in policy evaluation using appropriate examples.Political Science


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