Xeikon Case Study

Please describe the case study that your report is based on.

Your task is to recommend to the Xeikon Board what Xeikon should do.
Xeikon SA examines the problem created by rapidly growing capital requirements experienced by high growth companies, illustrates various approaches to raising large amounts of capital, and explores the pros and cons of IPOs versus other capital-raising/exit options. 

The central decision you must make is to decide if Xeikon should pursue an IPO. This will require you to balance several conflicting considerations – eg, if Xeikon does not implement an IPO, how will the company remain funded, is Xeikon ready for an IPO, how will life for the management team change after the -IPO, who will benefit from an IPO?

See the attached for the full guidelines:

You should do a comprehensive and professional analysis of the case study to induce a decision 
You must get a result that whether if Xeikon should pursue an IPO, after a modeling analysis for its financial situation.

Does your report require any of the following additional parts?
Graphics, tables, diagrams (created)

Please see the attached power-points which may be useful for calculations and appendices.

Please mention that the answer of problem set 1 (which should be good conference for the calculations) will be shown in the session 2, the answer for problem set 2 will be shown in the session 3 and so o

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