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Christianity is one of the most successful religions of all time. starting as a small group of about twenty followers. The religion grew into a phenomenon a century later due to several methods used to spread Christianity throughout the West. Bart D. Ehrman postulates the reason for the successful spread of Christianity is credited to five reasons: The Christian Church Created a Need, It ‘Proved’ Its Superiority, It Worked from the Ground Up, It Cannibalized the Competition, It Found a Powerful Sponsor.[1] People who had faith in Christianity faced a difficult time because of their convictions. Despite that, the church was successful in marketing the idea and Christianity spread at an exponential rate.
During the AD era, Christians were persecuted by Emperor Nero because of their faith. In the era of 312 AD, Constantine Conversion gave room for Christianity to be practiced once again. As the years went by, Christianity increased through Western Europe
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