What is the influence for Chinese Han Dynasty to do commercial trade in the SilkRoad

Topic: The paper may deal with any period in China’s economic history, but it must concentrate on China and deal primarily with its economy in some form Length: The paper must be ten (10) pages in length. This does not include the title page and bibliography. It also assumes 12 point size in a recognized font (Times New Roman is one standard). Margins should be 1” all around. Format: All papers must follow the course style manual “Writing Papers in East Asian Studies.” I expect you to read this manual and conform to all its requirements. History writing generally uses the Chicago Style of documentation (also known as the Notes-Bibliography Style). All papers must have properly formatted footnotes and a bibliography. Presentation: Each item you submit must be typed and printed. This includes proposal, the thesis statement, and the final paper version. I do not want any fancy presentation such as plastic covers or other unusual binding. All printed papers must be stapled in the upper left hand corner. Staple it before you try to submit it. “I didn’t have a stapler” is not an acceptable excuse. Plan ahead.

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