What is America?

This is an opinion piece which is based upon the seminar readings and discussions, and can already prepare ideas for your research. You are supposed to develop a thesis in the beginning, and then develop arguments in support of the thesis, but also hint at possible counterarguments. You do not need to find additional research articles or books. Standard citation methods apply. The paper should be approx. 2 pages of text (12 point Times, 1.5-spaced, 1 in. margins) plus bibliography.Grading: 10 points total5 points for complexity of the argument2 points for correct bibliography and correct citation (choose either MLA or APA, see Appendices II and III, page 19, and stick to one method throughout your paper).1 point for spelling and language1 point for structure1 point for fulfilling formal criteria (formatting, length, etc.)Penalties for turning it in later: Same day but late: -½ a point; then -1 point per dayPolitical Science


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