Week 7 project

Required ResourcesRead/review the following resources for this activity:Textbook: Chapter 17. Also, Chapter 11 and 12 from Week 6 might still be relevant.LessonMinimum of 2 scholarly sources in addition to the textbook.InstructionsThis is Part II of the assignment you submitted in Week 6.Using the case outline (Part I: How the Courts Address or Respect Our Rights as Citizens) you submitted in Week 6, prepare and submit a presentation, which will either be a narrated PowerPoint, a Kaltura Video, or some other format as approved by your instructor. Be sure to verify the presentation format with your instructor before starting work on this assignment.The presentation Point presentation will need to include:Name the caseDiscuss the facts of the caseDiscuss the history of the case (what laws or legal action was taken)Discuss the issues or the facts of the case and legal questions the court must decideDiscuss if the court’s decision or holdings was for the plaintiff or for the defendant and what were the reasons for the decision?Discuss the concurring and dissenting opinions from the judge or if a jury trial, the jury.Important: In this assignment, you are expected to elaborate the points you made in the prior assignment in Week 6. This assignment will be graded on your strength to elaborate and explain the facts of the case and proper use of visual aids, good narration, and presenting to the case and how well you stick to the case. For example, if you are using the PowerPoint, you are also expected to include proper visuals that are relevant to the case. Do not copy-paste the outline into this and call it complete.This assignment is worth 250 points.Writing Requirements (APA format)Length: The presentation must be 10-15 slides long if using PowerPoint (excluding cover and reference pages) or 3-5 minute long if using a video presentation.1-inch marginsDouble spaced12-point Times New Roman fontTitle pageReferences page (minimum of 2 scholarly sources in addition to textbook if cited)Use the speaker notes to elaborate on the content on the slidesPolitical Science


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