Warehouse and Invertory Management

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Individual Report
Task Description:
The report is designed to enhance student understanding of supply chain visibility beyond traditional topics in warehouse and inventory management. The report including figures, tables, references and appendices must not exceed 10 pages. The report will need to be submitted via Turnitin (No Plagiarism). Detailed instructions is provided in the other PDF file.
Student has to:
1. Create a database in Microsoft Access, utilising provided 4 excel files, by making a relationship between 9 tables listed in the other PDF file and create enquires in access that will enable him to answer the ten 10 questions. He needs also to print a screen of the relationship to be included in the word file.
2. Write a report to answer the ten questions based on the database information in access and do not exceed 10 pages.
One similar access database and all its related excel files are provided and the folder named as (Sample). This sample has been provided by the lecturer and the lecturer is expect from student to do the same.
Assessment Criteria:
1. Conforming with instructions (e.g. word length, font, other instructions)
2. Presentation, communication & style (written)
3. Clarity of expression (incl. accuracy, spelling, grammar, punctuation)
4. Attention to purpose
5. Referencing
6. Content and range
7. Use of literature/ Knowledge of theory
8. Conclusions
9. Analysis
10. Critical reasoning / critical thinking10.
What, when and how feedback will be provided for this assessment
Written feedback will be provided to students within three weeks of submission.

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