Wall Street Crash

The businessman and two university students talked about their political point of view. Moreover, the boy looked at the businessman, stared at him, without once blinking his eyes or shifting his stare. The businessman knew about that so he struck up a conversation with the young boy and asked him that who he traveled with. The boy answered that his father was along and led them the way to find his father.
Therefore, he minted at a long box and said there was his father who was shot in Detroit. The businessman promised that he would fix that immediately. That is a reason why one of the students laughed and asked about the millions of America lost their jobs and many also lost all their savings. In the story, the businessman who had a social position met the young boy whose father was shot in Detroit. The crisis of this story is the boy stared the businessman without once blinking eyes or shifting stare. Moreover, the boy led the way to find his father and pointed at a long box where his father was there and told he reason why his father died.
The conflict is showed about the differences between rich and poor or knowledge between people who are on the outside and people who are on the inside. In addition, the businessman promised that he would fix the mistake – just for the boy, it is the story’s central conflict resolved. With regard to me, I think as one on the students in this story that this resolution of the businessman is not satisfying and logical. Because this mistake do not make only the boy and his father were borne, the million people bore it too. With the foreshadowing, the look of boy for the businessman was a staring.

It was just like a curious look; but it was also a vague look. The author arranges the causal connections between events are clear and logical because in the beginning of story, the ” I ” character got on the train and he met the order characters then they had had a conversation before they found the boys father. In this story, the boy and the businessman are the story protagonist because they are two characters who have connection with the other characters and become the factors to resolve any vents or situations. The AD character is the boy and the businessman.
The AD character is two university students and the ” I ” character because the boy and the businessman were showed their character clearly by the author. For instances, the boy showed eagerness, curiousness and his thinking apparently, when the businessman and two students had a conversation or when the businessman asked him where his father was and his thinking about the massacre at Detroit. With the businessman, he presented his angry and abrupt feeling or an expression of satisfaction on his face when one of dents had a wrong or right answer for his questions.
Moreover, the businessman showed a sharp gasping feeling when the boy pointed his father’s place. With two university students and the ” ” character, they are the antagonists so the author do not present carefully their actions and feeling on each event. Like the ” I ” character, we cannot see the character’s speech all through the story. In addition, two university students showed their felling when they felt angry with the businessman’s answer for their wonder – riots and disturbances. With regard to the story setting, it was written in early sass.
This story describes an episode that takes place on a train going away from Detroit to come New York. At this time, in any trains, they were the major means of travel for both rich and poor people of the united States. Moreover, “On the outside” shows the reader to see the effect of recovering economically from the stock market crash of 1 929 through ten years. It made millions of American lost their jobs and many also lost their savings, become poor and did not have anything. In the story, the author uses metaphor for he depraved economic to make poor people do not have the justice at this time.
In addition, the simile was used to compare the thinking about riots and disturbances between rich people and poor people. The author also used the synecdoche to talk about rich people and poor people at this time and the character of synecdoche is the businessman- rich people, the boy and his father – poor people. The style and language of this story are informal because the author uses the short sentences for all answers and ” Bosh ” is an impolite word which the businessman said with student when they gave a rang meaning about riots and disturbances.
In ” On the outside the ” I ” character is the author. The fur coat was worn by the businessman and made him sunk deep in it which is a key factor. Therefore, we can easily see that a fur coat showed for us to know and imagine about the rich of businessman. In this story, the author used the first narrator. Finally, the story was named after” On the outside ” because the author wanted to imply that people who are not in one or some troubles do not know and understand about the internal problems and meaning of these problems.

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