wag the dog movie

Wag the Dog
Due: Thursday, November 8, 2018


Please watch the movie entitled, “Wag the Dog.” Then answer the questions listed in Parts 1, as well as complete the directions in Part 2.
Part 1: The myth of anarchy
1. How does the movie help us understand the anarchy myth, “anarchy is what the states make of it?”
2. How is this way of thinking about anarchy different from the neorealist and neoliberal way of thinking about anarchy?
Note: Wherever possible please provide examples from the movie to support your arguments.
Part 2: Concepts and Terms
I’ve identified the following concepts and terms commonly associated with constructivism:
• Social Constructivism
• Agent-Oriented Constructivism
• Norms
• Values
• Identity
• Intersubjectivity
• Differences/Otherness

Please identify and describe any moments in the movie that you think are relevant to any of the aforementioned concepts or terms. Remember there is no right answer to part 2.



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