Currently there is a debate underway whether or not citizens should be required to present a valid form of photo identification prior to voting in any state and federal election. As of now, 18 states do not require any proof of ID prior to voting, 16 states require non-photo IDs prior to voting, 9 states require photo IDs prior to voting and 7 states allow the option to provide IDs (if not they cast provisional ballots). 

Here is the question: Do you think citizens should be required to show a valid form of photo identification (state or federal ID) prior to voting in any state or federal elections? Why or why not?  Additional questions to consider to help you expand upon your answer include:  what is the purpose of requiring photo identification prior to voting; how difficult or easy is it in acquiring photo identification; does this requirement impact voter turnout; what have the courts stated about the constitutionality of voter ID laws; can you provide any examples of voter id laws and their impacts?


You will have until March 5th by 7:00pm to post a response.  Your response should include the following:

  1. An answer to the question provided in a minimum of 10 quality sentences (1 point).
  2. At least one piece of evidence to support your position.  Evidence includes statements from respected sources, real life qualitative examples, or quantitative statistical data.  This evidence can come from your required readings, outside newspaper articles, reports found online, etc. (1 point).

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