United States Political System Essay

Resources: Chapters 9, 12, & 13 of the text, We the People.Prepare a 400-to 500-word essay discussingONEof the following three aspects of the U.S. political system:Choice 1: Political partiesWhat is the history of the two political parties? How have they changed over time and what defines them today?What are examples of similarities and differences between the parties?How has party membership changed over time?What are some policy successes of each party?Choice 2: The  Legislative BranchWhat are the powers bestowed upon the legislative branch by the Constitution?What are the requirements to run for Congress?How does a bill become a law?Provide three examples of Congressional powers in action.Choice 3: The Executive BranchWhat are the key components of the executive branch?What are the requirements to be President?What are the President’s powers? What are the origins of these powers?Provide at least three examples of presidential powers in action.Include a Reference Page with at least two sources in addition to your textbook.Submit your summary in APA format by clicking on the assignment in Canvas and uploading your documentWill be submitted on TurnItIn, MUST BE ORIGINAL!!!! NO PLAGIARISM!!!!Political Science


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