Unit 9: Image Reflection and Implementation: A Life Long Strategy

Click here  http://extmedia.kaplan.edu/genEd/Media/CS204/index.html to take the Self-Assessment Survey again. Compare the information you recorded in the Unit 1Journal with your results from Unit 1 and how you feel now.

Journal Entry Unit One 1/12/2015 11:46 AM (Heather Taylor) Edit

Communication 26

Attitude / Behavior 37

Image/ Appearance 4

Business Practice 24

After completing the Self-Assessment Survey, I feel I know what is expected of me at work. My communication skills are in a good range. I work with the public every day and have learned how to communicate effetely. Everyone has a different way of communication. I try in keep a good attitude at work. I enjoy my job so this is not hard. I always look at the positive. I am a dental assistant, so I always wear scrubs to work. I try to present myself as a professional. I would not want someone working on me that was not clean. I have been at this practice for over five years. We have a benefits and guideline book that we follow. I think it is important to do well in all these areas. It takes a well-rounded person to secede. 

Using your PowerPoint Presentation from Unit 4, add five additional slides to your presentation that cover the five areas listed below. Be sure to look at areas of how you look at:

  1. Lifelong professionalism and how you will maintain your image
  2. Short-term goals and how you will develop a plan to meet them
  3. Long-term goals and how you will develop a plan to meet them
  4. Education plans to maintain your marketability
  5. Any other aspects regarding your professionalism and how you see yourself

Assignment Format

  • PowerPoint Presentation from Unit 4 with five additional slides that cover the five areas listed above
  • Notes for the additional slides – use comment area at the bottom of the slide
  • Identify the source of any pictures you use 

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