unit 2

Over the course of this unit, we have discussed the  importance of mission   and vision statements. As a part of that discussion, we  analyzed mission and   vision statements for their effectiveness. For the Unit II  Essay, you will   expand on this topic. 
Using your favorite search engine, research the mission  and vision   statements of different fortune 500 companies. Then, you will write  an essay  in  which you compare and contrast the mission statements of two  companies and  the  vision statements of two companies. You may use the same  companies for  both the  mission and vision comparisons or separate companies. 
Within your essay, include the  information below. 

 Explain       the principle value of two vision statements. 
Explain       the principle value of two mission statements. 
Compare       and contrast vision statements of each organization in terms      of       composition and importance. 
Compare       and contrast mission statements of each organization in      terms of       composition and importance. 
Do   you     think organizations that have comprehensive mission      statements tend to   be     high performers? How do mission and vision      statements assist in   selecting     an industry-specific strategy?   
Explain       why a mission statement should not include monetary amounts,      numbers,       percentages, ratios, goals, or objectives. 

Your essay should be a minimum of three pages in length or  approximately 750   words, not including the title and reference pages. You must  also include an   outside source from the CSU Online Library to support your  explanations.  Follow  APA standards for formatting and  referencing. 

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