Understanding and Applying Evidence Based Interventions

step 2 choose 1 video and research its use in group treatment with a specific population that interests you a few examples are located in the instructions.

Section one: Using the assigned readings, in-class discussions, and independent research, provide a detailed description of the following elements:

• The population you have identified. This should include statistics about the population, incidence and/or prevalence of the issues or needs, outcomes for the population if not intervened with (negative outcomes of the issue if untreated).

• Significant socio-cultural dimensions of the problem: e.g., socioeconomic status, race, gender, culture, etc.

Section two: Describe the evidence based intervention you have selected. (This section discusses the EBP in general).

• What is the type of group and what is the purpose of the group?
• Elements of the group intervention (theoretical foundation, number of sessions, topic and activities
• Is it researched as a closed or open group?
• What evidence is there that this group therapy works? Is there any controversy about its effectiveness?
• Does this research show that this group is effective with more than one population?
• Are there any benefits or drawbacks to using this treatment in a group setting?

Section three: Describe how you would apply this intervention to the group selected. (This section discusses the EBP as it applies specifically to your population)

• Is there any research on use of this group intervention with your population? If there is, what is it?
• If there is no research on your chosen population, why do you think it will be a good choice for the population you have chosen?
• What are the unique needs of your chosen population for which the EBP would work well? Are there any drawbacks? Would there be any modifications needed?
• Where might this intervention best be delivered (i.e. schools, community based organizations, churches, etc.)

Papers will be evaluated on the thoroughness of the assignment, the theoretical justification of content, integration of empirical evidenced-based content, and the quality of the written work.

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