Turnover and Employee Retention

Expectations for HRA Written Assignments and Papers
1. FORMAT of assignments should conform to the following criteria:
 Margins should be 1” in all directions
 Papers should be double-spaced and in a single highly readable, black 12-point font (Arial, Times New Roman, Cambria or Verdana are recommended). Headings may be larger.
 The paper must follow the academic research format (APA) unless otherwise specified
 Format for any in-text citations and reference pages should also follow APA style
Exceeds Expectations
up to
20% of max grade
Meets Expectations
up to
15% of max grade
Fails Expectations
up to
10% of max grade
Position or thesis is very credible, logical, research sources are credible and sufficient to support arguments
Position or thesis is credible, sources are credible
Position or thesis lacks credibility, arguments are not clear or not well supported, sources are not credible or do not support arguments
Clarity & Organization
Concepts presented are clearly organized and easy to understand, early information leads to later information, coherently summarized
Concepts presented are not organized logically, no coherent summary
Concepts presented are unclear or difficult to understand, paper is disorganized and does not follow logical progression
Creativity & Interest
Presents new ideas and/or old ideas in interesting ways, writing style is formal but maintains interest, includes real-world applications
Presents widely accepted ideas or discusses topics that are already well known without much attention to original content or reader interest
Presents ideas that are clichéd or imitative, does not make topic interesting for reader
Clearly identifies assumptions, considers all implications and consequences of outcomes, and includes more than one point of view on the topic
Treats some assumptions as fact, and/or considers some implications but not others, and/or does not fully consider point of view
Fails to identify assumptions, and/or does not consider implications of outcomes, and/or is fixed on a single point of view without any opposing information
Correctness: (Grammar, Spelling,
Punctuation, Formatting)
Grammar is appropriate; spelling, punctuation, and formatting accurate
Grammar is appropriate; few spelling, punctuation, or formatting errors
Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and/or formatting are inappropriate, incorrect, and unprofessional

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