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A9: Genre Writing on a Ballot Question – Long Form
“Knowing what a genre is used for can help people to accomplish goals” (Dirk 253).

Please compose a persuasive message that encourages a particular audience to vote the same way you would on your chosen ballot question. Choose the audience you will write for as well as the genre you will write in. The genre of your message should suit your purpose and should be appropriate for the audience you are writing to. In fact, depending on who your audience is, you may need to encourage them to vote in the first place. Be sure to make choices about which parts of your position statement you can adapt for your current rhetorical situation.

First consider WHO you want to write to. In real life, we rarely write something without caring who the audience is. For this assignment, consider who may care about the particular ballot question you have chosen. Or consider someone who doesn’t plan to vote and who know nothing about the ballot question? You may think of someone you care about and who you want to engage in a discussion with. Be sure it is a specific person/people and not a general voter.

You should adhere to the conventions of a particular genre, so choose a genre that you have some familiarity with: email, letter, blog, opinion/editorial (op-ed) piece, pamphlet, speech or another one of your choosing. Be sure to imagine your audience as you write. What is the best way to talk to them?

This assignment asks you to communicate to someone (a friend, relative, teacher, classmate etc.) and to explain your thinking. Your purpose is to persuade; however, meaningful rhetoric and debate about important issues is an attempt to share ideas and persuade another person/people to see things the way that you do. You goal is not to manipulate.

Be a generous writer by composing logical paragraphs, which provide clear and specific ideas/evidence from the Information for Voters booklet or other source texts (remember to tell your reader where you got your information).

Don’t forget to consider that you have to provide context. You just have to decide how much context to provide. How much context does a reader need? You don’t need to explain the question to your dad who is politically active. However, you will have to provide more context to a friend who knows nothing about the ballot question.

What is especially important is for you to explain WHY you were persuaded by the evidence (in the for and against sections and/or the summary/ballot language section). It is not enough to simply provide the information. You must help the reader to understand why the ideas/evidence you discovered impacted you.

Source: “Massachusetts Ballet Question”
Should be Question 3
you can search Booklet online


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