Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion is when a vehicle is at longer trip of time, slower speeds and vehicular queuing or road. When vehicles stopped for period of time and can also lead frustration to drivers. When many vehicle travel in slower speed that the road cannot handle. When the volume of traffic is high and not enough space. It is also known as traffic jam and road are being closed. It can lead incidents such as accidents or a single car breaking heavily in a previously smooth flow and ripple effects like cascading failure.
The problem in Metro Manila are lack of infrastructure and not construct more roads that can cause traffic congestion. The number of vehicles in Metro Manila are increasing and hardly reduce. There is also about the development of vacant public lands and selling it to others who would use it to make different kinds of buildings, malls, and structures which can use shortage road infrastructure.
It seemed that the government had declared a policy against making these vacant spaces into green public parks. The government are raising millions or billions from the sale of vacant spaces to use and make as a commercial projects instead of infrastructure of roads. In fact, they lost the opportunities and the deal. According to some estimates, the NCR’s road network of 4,755 kilo meters should be doubled to accommodate the vehicle population.
That means that the additional of roads that are being built or widened are eaten up by existing demand, which continues to outpace infrastructure development. Also for those illegal settlements or vendors who are display their products where it is near the streets and they hope that the remaining vacant lands would not be sold for the developers of commercials, but instead for the development of open and green parks for the people.
It’s should not be lack of infrastructure and construct more roads. The numbers of vehicles should reduce and large or small cars are separated in different roads. Illegal settlements or vendors are not allowed to display near the street where it is in the way of vehicles. Drivers must attend seminars and follow the policies or protocols that are implemented. It must be more on vacant space and avoid selling vacant public lands for those people who are developers of making buildings like mall or etc. Also prevent from selling vacant public land for commercial projects, but instead that the governments would implement road infrastructure projects in order to solve traffic congestion.
Therefore, there should be traffic in forcers in different crossed way from time to time and which is the one who will guide or organize the drivers. There must be an action of the government and cooperation of the people in the society. The government should be wise and think what is better for the environment. Building a mall, structures, and commercial projects must reduce in Metro Manila so that the traffic congestion would be prevented.


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