Think Globally – Act Locally!

Subject: International RelationsPlease note that this homework has parts 1 and 2. See the instructions for more details.Homework Part 1Click here to read “Think globally, act locally”link: answer the following question.1.  In communities in which you are familiar, whether you are living in the place where you grew up or in a different community at the present time, what issues do you see around you that could be alleviated by the idea to “think globally, act locally”?What is the local issue and how does it relate to global issues? On a global level, explain what actors create/perpetuate the issue, if applicable, or conversely what actors work to address the issue and how?(Be sure to think about what could be done by who on the local level to prepare for the final assignment in this class.)2.  Please be sure to reference your sources in Turabian format.Part 1: 350-400 words excluding references, APA format, and a minimum of 3 referencesHomework Part 2:  write a letter to someone related to the local issue you highlighted on your homeworkSee the attached document for instructions.Political Science


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