The Storm Also Rises

“Voop!” The green object moved like a rocket into the deep blue skies and disappeared before our eyes. “You getting that,” said Jerry. “Or else you owe me a new ball.” He continued. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My heart began beating like a tassa drum, and the muscles in my legs were frozen like ice. Looking around, I was abandoned. Nobody wanted to go with me.
I approached it. The structure reminded me of an old man, shaking and about to fall over. Two eyes were staring down at me, and the air was grabbing my skin as if I was not allowed to enter. As I reluctantly climbed the gray, old, squeaky, wooden steps, I noticed that the front door was partially open, and the darkness behind it seemed to swallow me.
The sunlight was like swords slicing through the darkness in the living room. There was nothing there, besides for a piano with dust and fingerprints on the keys. The hairs on my skin stood at attention like soldiers when I realized that the salt was set as if someone was about to dine. I looked around for the wind ball, but it was nowhere in sight. I decided to enter the corridor and, instantly, the air from my lungs escaped. It was true.
There were stories about the tricycle; about the little girl and her horrifying fate. What was more terrifying was to observe fresh mud marks on the pedals of the bike. The ball was not in the corridor. The steps were next. As I placed my cold hands upon the wooden rail, it felt as if the walls were saying, “leave this place.”
“Creek, creek,” were the noises produced as I made each nervous step into the darkness of the second floor. I could not see where I was going, and all of a sudden, it jumped in front of me. Its eyes were glowing in the darkness, and it looked like a being from hell. I was always afraid of cats, and now my fear was taken to a whole new level. My legs were heavy like ten bags of sand, and I just kept looking at the creature. Luckily, it decided to go on its way.
I decided to give up on my hunt for the missing ball. At that very moment, I heard “bop, bop, bop,” and the wind ball came bouncing towards me. I did not know what to do, but my guts told me to run for my life. I ran back outside but while running I felt this thing running with me but as I reached outside it was just cobweb.


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