the role of the state and its governance in the context of a country’s economic development presentation

this is a power point presentation. I will give you some questions to focus on and please add whatever you think is suitable for the presentation. as well as I’m attaching the reading list for this topic. please Harvard referencing and add in text citations where needed. I would like it to be easier to read as it is a power point presentation. if you could please write it as sort of a presentation format it will be very helpful. here are some questions that were added to guide the readings.Do you think the state can carve out a role for itself between the two poles of socialism and laissez-faire?- Why does ‘governance’ matter for economic development of a country?- What are the origins of ‘good governance’ as a concept? And what are its main critiques?- What are the commonly used indicators of good governance?- Does progress in the above indicators guarantee more successful economic development of a country?I should speak for around 10-15 minutes and my part is going to be the body and conclusion.Political Science


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