The Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology

The Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology (POST) is Parliament’s in-house source of information and analysis on scientific matters that have relevance to public policy. It is intended to help MPs (very few of whom have a scientific background) get to grips with major issues in science and technology. ‘POSTnotes’ are short concise briefing papers on topical scientific issues that aim to provide the relevant background and anticipate the implications for the development of government policy. Over 500 have been published since 1989 and can be viewed online at: 

For this assessment, you are asked to produce a briefing paper in the ‘POSTnote’ style on one of the following topics: 

1. The implications of Brexit for conservation in Britain 
2. Resolving conflicting habitat requirements of different species 
3. Non-native invasive species: are they a problem for biodiversity? 
4. The ecological impacts of artificial lighting 
5. Should we create novel ecological communities to offset losses of current ones?
6. Reconnecting people with wildlife 
7. Does mitigation in conservation work? 
8. Is conservation helped by putting a monetary value on nature? 
9. Is hunting compatible with conservation? 
10. Grazing strategies to benefit conservation 
11. Using citizen science for conservation 
12. The value of brownfield sites for conservation 

Please appreciate that this exercise is not just a different form of essay; it has a specific format and a particular type of audience in mind. 

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