The fictional state of Mugglesworth, a common law jurisdiction.

In 2016, scandal rocked the residents of Mugglesworth. Top officers at the state’s largest employer, Bigly Co., were found guilty of a pattern of insider trading that had continued over a decade. The illegal activity came to light after a Bigly employee provided information to the Mugglesworth Securities Commission and notified the press. Residents were shocked again when Bigly terminated the employee following her disclosures and the former employee then committed suicide. 

Please see the Assignment Q’s document for the full scenario and complete the following.

Does Mr. Drake have any claims against Honkers Corp. under the Fair Workplaces Ordinance? Explain. 

Question 2 also needs to be completed, details of this can be found in the same document. The Peevyhouse case is the assigned case for Question 2. 

The course is on legal methods and reasoning.While Question 1 touches upon employment, Question 2 focuses on contract (based on an assigned US case).

This assignment contains 2 questions (one of them is divided into 3 sub-questions) and in total requires 1,500 words. Please abide by the specific word limit for EACH of the questions as well.

You should refer back to lecture material.

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