The DSM is irrelevant to contemporary mental health nursing

Choose your topic and the viewpoint you wish to take
Research various literature for evidence that supports your view or contradicts it.
Hint: Remember that the literature you use at post-graduate level may not always support your view-point – rather it can be different and you may present a carefully structured argument to oppose it.


Write an introduction that introduces your topic and lets the audience know which way you will argue. The introduction should also demonstrate the importance of the topic.

Hint: A conference paper try introduction should capture the attention of your audience.

Develop your paper. (15 minutes roughly equates to 2000 words). The paper should contain a carefully constructed argument that is easy for the audience to follow.

Hint: Using examples helps break up your paper and is interesting for the audience.

Write a conclusion. This should be the end point of your argument. It should also provide a summary of your main argument and bring the paper to a close in an interesting way.

Write an abstract (150 to 250 words). This should summarise your paper and be written in the past tense.

Please note, the customer is completing the presentation them self. 


Prepare slides (no more than 15).

Hint: slides should not just repeat what you say, rather guide the reader on the main points. The first slide should introduce you and your topic and the final slide should list your references.

Video yourself presenting your paper – the customer will be doing this part them self. 


Submission will be a two-part process:

You will film yourself presenting and upload your video to YouTube. We will provide you with detailed instructions on how to upload a video to YouTube on the Moodle site. You will set the privacy settings so that only people provided with a copy of the hyperlink can view it. It is recommended you try to upload your video before the due date as issues with large video files can occur.
Your written submission though Moodle should contain the following
A copy of the hyperlink to your YouTube submission
Your abstract
Your paper
Your presentation slides

The customer requires the 2000 word academic paper only.

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