the debate on european enslavement and africa

Question debate – the debate on European Enslavement and Africa.
The aim of the essay is to engage critically with some of the core literature in the chosen area, identify some of the central approaches, arguments, and theories.
3 Texts to read are:
1) How Europe underdeveloped Africa – Walter Rodney 1972- chapter 1234 especially chapter 3 and 4 focuses on the debate.
2) Slavery and the slave trade in the context of West African history by J.D.FAGE
3) The impact of the atlantic slave trade on Africa: A review of the literature by Paul E. Lovejoy.
What to include:
Introduce the texts that you are examining
Explain their significance and situate them within the context of existing debates and literature.
Identify the central claims, arguments, theories, methods, and/or concepts in each text
Evaluate the arguments and claims put forward: how convincing are they and why?
Compare and contrast the different texts: are there similarities or significant differences between the texts?

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