The application of New Public Management (NPM) approaches


The application of New Public Management (NPM) approaches has had significant implications for the public services in the UK.

Choosing an area of application critically examine the effects that the NPM approach has had on the management and governance of public services including on the people and organisations who deliver them. 

The client has no preference on the area of application chosen. 

The aims of the assignment are to demonstrate an understanding the nature of the public sector and identify differences and similarities in management in the public and private sectors; 

• an understanding of management practices in public sector organisations; a critical understanding and evaluation of the principles underlying the ‘New Public Management’ paradigm and its’ impact upon the organisations working in the chosen context including management and governance of public service organisations.


Should provide a clear idea of central issue of concern of the area in question 
Address the topic – Why is it worth writing about 
Clear statement of aims and objectives 
Outline the rest of the assignment 

Main Body 

Address the question in your chosen context (e.g. healthcare, transport etc) ensuring that you outline the area appropriately referring to the particular area of UK policy you have chosen to examine 
– Provide evidence for the ways in which NPM has been applied to the area (e.g. marketization, performance management etc) – Using critiques of NPM to consider the success and failure of these approaches in your chosen area 


What sorts of things can we learn from reviewing the application of NPM to the area you have chosen? What are the issues for public management and governance in the future? What alternative approaches might have been applied? What sorts of things could stakeholders do to address these issues? 

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