Read the textbook subchapter “Judicial Politics” on pages 299-312
-Read the textbook subchapter “The Death Penalty” on pages 462 and 464-466 review death penalty background information on “Should the Death Penalty Be Allowed?” on ProCon.org.
-The title for Writing Assignment 4 is: “Texas Judicial Elections and the Death Penalty”
-These are the critical response questions for Writing Assignment 4:
1. Do you support Texas state-level judges being elected in partisan elections or do you support state-level judges being appointed by the Texas governor with approval of the Texas Senate? Why? (Really don’t have an option)
2. Do you support or oppose the State of Texas using the death penalty as a form of capital punishment? Why or why not? (Really don’t have an option)
-Provide a response to each of the two set of questions with three reasons why you feel the way you do and at least 500 words of analysis. Your total response to both questions must therefore consist of at least 1,000 words of analysis.


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