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Test Questions Description CRJU 151 Essay Portion Exam 2 40 Points Please answer 1 out of 4 questions in essay format. Each question should be submitted in a typed, double-spaced MS Word document. Each answer should be 250 to 700 words in length (1 to 2 pages overall). Each answered question is worth 20 points. You may use any source available to you. However, all answers can be done utilizing your textbook or the PowerPoints. You may complete one addition question for up to 5 points of extra credit. Good luck. 1. Discuss the modes of adaptation as presented by Robert K. Merton. What are people adapting to according to Merton? 2. What are the foundations of social disorganization theory? Please discuss the nature of the concentric zones and the legacy of Shaw and McKay. 3. Please list and describe the elements of the social bond. What does the supporting research say? 4. The most successful strain theory is General Strain Theory (GST) by Robert Agnew. What are the sources of strain described by Agnew and how do they move a person toward deviant behavior?


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