test #2

1. One role of government is to provide public goods, such as parks, libraries, etc; however, these goods are not provided to the same extent across cities. Jessica Trounstine advances a theory of how diversity and segregation affect the provision of public goods by cities. Describe the relationship she finds between diversity and segregation and public goods provision. Why does she argue that this relationship exists?2. According to public interest theory, market failure(s) are the rationale for require regulation. Provide an example of a type of market failure and a regulation designed to address it. In your example be sure to explain the market failure and how the example fits with the public interest theory.3. According to private-interest theory, which groups benefit the most from regulation? Provide an example of regulation that aligns with private interest theory (it can be hypothetical) and describe why you believe it fits the private-interest theory.4. There are a number of reasons why we might be concerned about the role of money in politics and elections. Discuss two examples of how money might negatively affect politics. Be specific about the concern(s) you are discussing and the role money plays in your examples.Political Science


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