Telecommunications Engineering homework help

Chapter 11

  1. Imagine you were designing an ad for a laptop, choose a target group:
  • “tweens” (kids between 8 and 13)—- Attends Private School
  • Men in their 30s? —-Professional Business Owner
  • Women in their 30s? —–Stay at Mom’s lives in $350,000 neighborhood

Develop a one page add to sell to one of these groups and include pictures.  Also what celebrity would you choose to be the spokes person for your product and why.
Chapter 13

  1. What would you do if you found out that a colleague had posted your slides to a recent presentation on a public slide-sharing platform? How do you define intellectual property rights; when is something yours?
  2. Do you ever read product recommendations before buying? You don’t know these people—how do you discern which ones to believe? What cues do you use to figure out who knows what they’re talking about?

200 word minimum

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