Team Conflict and Dialogue – Reflective Essay

As part of your assessment for the ‘team conflict and dialogue’, you are required to address the following assessment question: 

Critically assess a recent real life case of conflict you have experienced in a group setting. Ideally this should be a group charged with undertaking a project or task, such as a work, community or student group you are part of. However if you have no work or community setting please draw from some other group conflict in your recent experience. Reflect on cognitive biases and indicate how dialogic approach would (or would not) help address such a case in future. 

It is suggested that you adopt a format following or close to the following: 

1: Write a short summary of the context and the conflict which arose. No more than 20% of your words should be used on this description. 

2: Identify relevant cognitive biases that arose in the conflict. Both connect your findings to the background context, and give an appropriate description and definition of the biases at work. Connection to theory should be made to underpin your findings. Approximately 30% of your words should be used in this section. 

3: Critically analyse how the application of dialogic theory would or would not help address such a case were it to arise again. Define and critically apply dialogic theory to your findings. Consider: would taking a dialogic approach help or not (and why)? What can be learned from seeing biases that arise and considering how to deal with them? Critical connection to theory is essential here. Approximately between 30-40% of your words should be used on this important section. 

4: Reach a conclusion This should be derived from and supported by the discussion that precedes it. Approximately 10% of your words should be used on this section. 

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