Sustainability in the Construction

Organisations are working to improve their credentials as regards their Corporate Social Responsibility. A significant dimension of this is understanding and reducing the environmental impact of their operations. This is often measured in term of the carbon foot print. 

Prepare a report to identify and rank the three most significant negative environmental impacts of an organisation (e.g. a construction firm in London). This should focus on the main function of the organisation, and may be expressed in term of carbon (where it is measurable in carbon) or judged in relation to damage to the local environment (for example chemical pollution of a river).Then you must recommend measures to effectively reduce the environmental impacts.

The focus of the essay: environmental sustainability in the construction industry.

1. Define sustainable objectives in the context of a business environment.
2. Set appropriate indicators for the management and delivery of sustainable projects.
3. Analyse sustainable objectives and critically evaluate their implementation and delivery.

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