Summative assessment in the Legal Communication

Your final summative assessment in the Legal Communication and Writing module (the ‘Module’) comprises of two parts:

A final piece of work (or ‘POW’) (1,000 words or equivalent – see Appendix 1):  The POW can take one of a variety of different forms (for example, a blog, an essay, the answer to a problem question, a response to a government consultation, a piece of legal design, a case note, a book review, a song, a dance, a performance piece – see Appendix 1 for further details). The POW can also be on any legal topic (something you have studied or something you have not studied). You might write a blog about Brexit, or do a piece of design explaining overreaching aimed at law students, or a video for the public on whether a nuisance is actionable (and so on).


The purpose of this assessment brief is to give you detailed information about the assessment, explaining what you are required to do.

Learning Outcomes

The POW is designed to ensure that you meet the following learning outcomes:

Identify the needs of different audiences when using varying media within legal communication and writing.

Assessed by your reflective account

Select and use appropriate techniques for planning and producing a form of legal communication and writing.

Assessed by your POW

Construct a piece of work that communicates in a manner that is effective for the chosen form of legal communication and writing.

Assessed by your POW

Reflect upon their learning and development as a legal writer that demonstrates an ability to act on feedback.

Assessed by your reflective account


We produce learning outcomes as a marker of the minimum you should be able to demonstrate on completion of a module. These learning outcomes link to the assessment criteria that the team will use to mark your work, (these are explained further below).

The learning outcomes will be explained in lectures/seminars to you and you will have the opportunity to ask questions about them. However, note that for the purposes of the POW, they can be broken down further, so that you will be required to show across the combination of your two assessment pieces:

that you have undertaken independent research on a topic,

that you can critically analyse the results of your research, which means you can weigh up and decide between different points of view and reach a conclusion that can then be conveyed as the ‘message’ for your POW,

that the message or story conveyed by your POW is clear and distinct that is suitable for the audience that it was intended for,

that you have made informed design choices for the composition of your POW,


that within both the POW and reflective account, your work is presented in a clear and structured way with (if relevant) good use of the English language,

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