SU WWII in Color Part 1 The Gathering Storm Documentary Analysis Discussion

I’m working on a History exercise and need support.

Watch this documentary and try to answer the following question in a response paper (due on October 8):

What do you think are the main causes of WWII? What are the similarities and differences between the causes of WWI and WWII? In your answer, please try to use the terms we learned so far, such realism, constructivism, balance of power, levels of analysis, and so on. Use facts to support your explanation.

Format of the paper:

  • Font size: 12 pt,
  • Paper size and margin: A4 with 1 inch margin all around
  • Spacing: double spaced
  • Length: 2 or more pages
  • File type to submit: word or pdf (sorry, Blackboard can’t open page files)


  • Coherence and organization of content.
  • Grammar and spelling.
  • How well you use theoretical terms in the paper and support such use with facts.


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