Strategic, Commercial and Financial Analysis and Valuation of an approved Stock Market Listed Company


You are a junior analyst working for a leading global investment bank. You have been asked to prepare a detailed report analysing a listed company.

This is your first assignment since being recruited; your manager would like to use this as a development opportunity


Section  1: Executive summary (500 words)

This must be a brief overview of the purpose, key findings and conclusions of the report (NB this should be the final section completed)


Section 2: Introduction and Strategic Analysis (2000 words)

As part of this task you must provide the following:

•         A brief overview of the company background, structure, products, commercial operations and its market

•         A rationale for why you have chosen the TWO main competitors of the company

•         An analysis of the strategic positioning of the company within the industry – this should be conducted using appropriate strategic analysis tools such as (SWOT; PESTLE; Porters 5 Forces etc). NB This section must be appropriately referenced.        


Section 3: literature review (3000 words)

You are required to perform a literature review in which you critically evaluate the current academic debate regarding:

the reliability of conducting financial analysis using publicly available corporate information

the methods of financial analysis that can be conducted using publicly available information

the methods and usefulness of business valuation techniques.

Make sure you come to conclusions as to what information and / or tools you should use in the completion of the financial analysis and company valuation sections of your report.

Section 4: Financial Analysis (2500 words)

•         Based on your recommendations from section 3 Lit review- perform an analysis of the current and historical financial position and performance of the company in comparison to at least TWO of the main competitors in the industry. You analysis must be for a period of at least THREE years.


Section 5: Company Valuation (1000 words)

•         A calculation of the market valuation (Market Cap) (as at the latest financial statement date).  This may be supplemented with other valuation techniques (as discussed in section 3). A critical evaluation of the calculations conducted is also required which should link back to the discussion in section 3


Section 6: Conclusions and Recommendations (1000 words)

•   Draws together the strategic and financial analysis conducted (in sections 2 and 4) and evaluates the value of the company based on this data in comparison to calculations conducted in Section 5. You may also draw recommendations for THE Company based on the benchmarking with competitors and a final recommendation for your investment bank as to whether this company makes a sound investment.

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