Software Evaluation and Testing

Topic – Evaluation Techniques for evaluating work products throughout the development life cycle Feasibility analysis Reviews of requirements and proposed architecture Evaluation of code – reviews, unit testing, etc. “Traditional” testing – test cases, load testing, etc. Examination of automated testing tools Evolution of quality assurance Y2K, CMM, etc. Model an automated tool for evaluating requirements Structure (depiction of logically named and organized sections) Introduction Preliminary discussion of automated requirements testing tool The above is requirements. Below is what I want to improve. This begins with an OK overview, but then devolves into a somewhat incoherent collection of random clippings. For example, it is not at all clear why there is so much information from an internet banking system in a research paper on the evaluation process. The evolution section should research the ways in which evaluation of software work products has evolved since the “crisis”. You must present the design of your own automated requirements test tool. Please focus on the requirements.


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