sociology;(Functionalism and Marxism)

Task 1(word limit 800 words) (AC 1.1, 2.1)
Drawing on two sociological perspectives (Functionalism and Marxism), evaluate the view that differences in life chances between social groups are the result of various social factors ( e.g. social class, gender, ethnicity, norms, values, behaviour). Your discussion will focus on the impact these social factors may have on individuals (e.g. in term of attainment, education, health, employment) and the implication this has for society.

Task 2 (article, word limit 600 words) (AC 3.2)
You have been asked to write an article in response to the claims made in the headlines of some popular newspapers: ‘’Migrants set to flood in’’, Daily Express; ‘’500.00 Migrants get social housing’’ Daily Mail; ‘’ We must stop the migrant invasion’’, Daily Express; 4000 foreign Murderess and Rapists We cant throw out’’, Daily Mail.
Drawing on your knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research methods, evaluate these claims and highlight the strength and weakness of each research method when investigating the claims made in the headlines. Conduct some secondary research into immigration and use examples form your findings to assist you to discuss the reliability, validity and generalisability of these claims in the popular press.

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