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Unit 6 To Do ListUnit 6 To Do List 1.Read: Berger & Luckman, CH 8, The Social Construction of Reality 2.Do Quiz on Reading 3.At the end of quiz, watch brief lecture ( 4.Read & Watch: The Social Construction [of what English sounds like to non-English speakers]: 5.Social construction of Professions: 6.Using FlipGrid: Discuss: How is social worksocially constructed as a profession? THINK BROADLY! 7.Watch closing lecture on social construction & respond to questions posed throughout the lecture in your journal. Test Social Construction Quiz Web Link 3. Post-quiz lecture3. Post-quiz lecture This lecture was prepared by the American Sociological Association’s Sociological Images. It opens with a gesture that is socially constructed and later describes how this gesture is socially constructed. Please be aware that some viewers may find this gesture offensive. The video describes why and how the offense is produced. Please watch the video for a full understanding of your reaction and why it is important. Web Link 4. Read & Watch4. Read & Watch Language as a social construction Web Link 5. Social Construction of Professions5. Social Construction of Professions Read the article and consider how professions are socially constructed. The video in the article may not work – that is ok.

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