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with everything going on with COVID-19 and classes moving online I’ve been having trouble keeping up with some of these classes and I have an essay due NOV 20th
Here is the Rubric
One of the critical things I want you to take from this course is the importance of organization when it comes to a society’s ability to use organized violence. This essay will have you look at how organization influences warfare.
The Assignment
Using the Textbook, Beyond War, Tribe, and at least one other source that is not assigned for this class, respond to the following three writing prompts:
Between the text, Fry’s writing, and Tribe there is a clear connection between social organization and warfare. What are the strengths and weaknesses that this connection presents when preparing for, engaging in, and recovering from warfare?
What challenges does modernity post to this correlation?
Identify a war of your choice and discuss the cultural and structural (organization) elements that are important to the war you chose. In response to this section you will want to research a war and briefly describe the war, then in more depth describe how the culture and structure was both used and changed by the war. Remember that quality responses will include specific, well-documented details about the cultures, the preparations for war, and the war itself.
if you need the link to the books I will give it to you
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