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Movie: Paradise Lost 3
please follow the outline to write a 5-6 page paper. However, the paper should NOT exceed 6 pages (not including the references and cover pages).
at least 5 SUPPORTING ARTICLES or books on your choices of theory and client issue in your references as well as any other sources used including the textbook and any website cited.
Summarize the movie in one paragraph in your own words. Do not copy the description online. (10 points)
Pick one character who is a child, adolescent or young adult from the movie to use as the subject for the paper. Describe the character in one paragraph. What are some of the challenges that the character faces? What are some of the strengths or supports for the character? (35 points)
Describe the developmental stage of the character. Explain three hallmarks of that stage and show an example from the movie with the character that displays that stage. Support each hallmark with evidence from the text as well as outside academic sources. Use a theory to explain what you see in the movie and give examples. (35 points)
For example: THIS IS AN EXAMPLE. DON’T USE THIS. In the movie Finding Nemo, Nemo’s mother dies at the beginning of the movie. Howdoes that affect Nemo? How can you explain the effect using a theory? Erik Erikson created the psychosocial stages of development. During the initiative vs. guilt phase Nemo struggles…
Provide a concluding paragraph that summarizes your thoughts on the character and stage of development. (10 points)
Use APA style to cite in text and in the references. Make sure to have at least four sources (1 can be the text). (10 points)
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