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Week 5 Assignment: Pre-Writing Map for the You Decide Census Paper upload below
Required Resources
Read/review the following resources for this activity:
Textbook: Chapter 9:
Link (website): Pew Research Center

What Census Calls Us

Click on the Social Trends tab.
Click on the Interactives tab.
Locate the following link: How Census Race Categories Have Changed Over Time
Click on “1790” to see two columns comparing the 1790 Census categories with the 2010 Census categories.
Minimum of 4 outside scholarly sources in addition to the textbook/lesson
Pre-Writing MapPreview the document, fill it out, save the file with your name, and upload your completed pre-writing map worksheet here.
Writing Requirements (APA format) format)
Length: Fill out all cells of the Pre-Writing Map worksheet
References, with full reference entries in APA Style (minimum of 4 outside scholarly sources in addition to the textbook/lesson)
Textbook: Sociology in Our Times: The Essentials | 11th Edition
Diana Kendall
Length: 15.0 pts All pre-writing cells are filled out.
Content: 25.0 ptsCells contain a thorough description/detail regarding the content of the essay. The writing is free of errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation that would detract from a clear reading of the map.
References: 20.0 ptsMap includes reference to 4 scholarly sources. All sources are properly cited demonstrating mastery of resource and APA citation reference format.

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