SOCIAL WORK;Human Trafficking

Analyse the development of policy and practice in relation to a contemporary social issue (choose from either Child Sexual Exploitation or Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery, using a human rights perspective.)

See the attached for the full guidelines: ASSESSMENT 002 guidelines .docx.

Learning Outcomes to be assessed:

1. A critical appraisal of knowledge and research relevant to a particular social issue
2. Critical understanding of human rights and social justice and their implications for practice.
3. Critical understanding of the processes and influences that shape the emergence of contemporary social issues.

4. The ability to compare and evaluate policy and practice responses to a particular social issue.
5. The ability to critically analyse the ideological and political context of emerging social
6. Ability to present material in a clear coherent manner with appropriate standards of literacy at this level.
7. Ability to use sufficient and relevant research at this level and to acknowledge sources in keeping with the prescribed referencing convention at this level.

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