social work; Tracy, John

There is one assessment for this module, based upon a case study. The aim of the exercise is for you to display your learning in relation to working with children, adults and their families in the course of studying the module. The pass mark for the assignment at MA level is 50%.

How should social workers intervene in this case? In answering that question critically consider:

– What issues you think need to be tackled and why.
– What law, policy and theoretical approaches might inform your interventions. 
– What are you going to do and why.
– Who else might you involve and why.
– How you are going to be as person-centred as possible in your practice and take account of any oppression that the service users may experience. 

You need to consider these points both in terms of the present circumstances and also in terms of social work involvement over the next few months. Your task is not to find an ‘answer’ to the circumstances Tracy, John and other family members find themselves in but to show that you have an awareness of the possible areas in which social workers might need to assess and intervene. That will mean taking into the perspectives of both social workers with adults and social workers with children and families.

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