social work practice.

Discuss the ways in which legislation shapes social work practice.

Discuss this question with reference to either:

The key principles of the Children Act 1989

The key principles of Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014

How to approach TMA 01

The assignment requires you to consider why knowing the law is important for social workers. You need to demonstrate a good understanding of what law is, how it is made and how it underpins social work practice. This will entail discussing the relationship between law and social work practice. Your answer should include consideration of the legal mandate, the language of powers and duties, the professional commitment to empowerment and anti-oppressive practice, and the significance of the language of rights for service users and carers. You should show that you understand the impact of law on social work practice and professional decision making and the impact of law on service users. Key areas of law to cover will include the role of the professional regulators in England and Wales and the Equality Act 2010. You will find the material from Block 1 and Block 2, including the activities and associated resources, essential for tackling this assignment.







Learning outcomes

This TMA addresses the following learning outcomes:

Knowledge and understanding

1.1 the nature of law and legal systems and their relationship to social work practice in England and Wales

1.3 how law can promote social work values of accountability, empowerment, partnership working, respecting rights, recognising difference and responding to diversity

1.4 the position of social workers as both legal and moral agents and their corresponding responsibilities to protect and promote the welfare and rights of others, without abusing their authority and power.

Cognitive skills

2.3 reflect on how your values, ideas and beliefs can influence your opinions and views of the working of the legal system.

Key skills

3.3 develop the different approaches to study that are needed when using a variety of learning resources – reading, listening and note making, formulating questions and critical thinking.


3.4 present written material in a coherent and organised form with arguments and information set out logically and sources referenced in an appropriate way.

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