social work law, professional bodies in the UK

Legal knowledge is a core requirement of professional bodies in the UK. Without it social workers cannot:

* Advise clients or advocate effectively for them
* Fulfill their legal responsibilities 
* Communicate appropriately with other professionals
* Promote social justice and human rights

Social workers also need to be able to question procedures, roles and the social impact of law. They must be critical thinkers as well as skilled technicians.

* Select a case study from one area of Social work practice (children & families, adults, mental health)
* Using the context of your chosen area critique the above quotation
* Ensure you pay close attention the the Learning Outcome for the module as you complete this task

The official assignment guidelines are attached in the document – Law.Assignment.discriptor.docx. 

This does not need to refer back to lectures, seminars, or other module topics.

The specific focus should be on the Children’s Act 1989.

Learning outcomes:

On successful completion of the module, students should be able to:
1. Describe the legal system in the UK, primarily England and Wales.
2. Analyse the relationship between law and policy with regards to social work practice
3. Evaluate how legal rules help ensure entitlements are met and rights promoted.

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