social work; Decision-Making

Analytical Thinking and Decision-Making in Social Work

Based on your second practice placement choose a specific case which involved you carrying out an assessment, intervention and where you evaluated the effectiveness of your involvement. The case should be sufficiently complex/comprehensive for you to be able to use it to demonstrate capability in learning outcomes one to five.
There is no set format in how you structure the essay. However, you need to make sure that you include:

1. A brief description of the case study in the context of your agency’s remit (maximum 500 words).

2. An academic discussion based on your assessment and intervention e.g. What principles did you adopt to inform your approach? What theories, models and / or methods did you use? How did you work in partnership with service users and significant others? How did you ensure your practice was based on equality and diversity principles? (LO’s 1, 2)

3. An academic discussion of the systematic decision-making approach and evidence based practice that you went through in this case to identify the most appropriate methods of working. What forms of knowledge (research, policy, legislation, etc.) did you draw on to inform your practice? How could you evaluate the effectiveness of your practice? (LO’s 3, 4)

4. An academic discussion of how you identified and analysed risk of harm, abuse, safeguarding and / or capacity issues and how you made judgements and decisions accordingly to managing these issues? (LO 5)

The focus has to be on the client’s Placement which is Assessment and Intervention (A&I Team for Children and Families. The Agency uses the CAF for it assessment. The client has highlighted in RED on the formative Worksheet areas that needs attention. Feel free to ask me question patterning to the client’s placement.

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