Skiing Essay

A Day On The Slopes It’s not just for the wealthy anymore! Skiing has been getting more popular recently. People have the free time and money to go skiing more than ever. This is a downfall for somebody who has never skied and wants to be a part of the fun. There is a series of simple steps to complete before one can achieve their best at skiing. From proper attire, to the way you carve down the mountain, it boils down to a few critical steps. If these steps are completed there is nothing holding anybody back from being a successful skier.
Lets start off with the basics; I always start by packing pajamas so I have a warm base layer. Then a long T-shirt, followed by a warm pair of socks to keep those toes warm. Socks might be the most crucial part since they will be buckled into ski boots the entire day. Next comes a jacket, ski pants, goggles and a preferably a helmet. If it is windy out, or if you are sensitive to cold air then think about wearing a ski mask to keep the facial area warm. This should cover the basic attire for a day on the slopes. Once you have all your gear set, its time to pick a trail.
Now, there are four main types of trails; green circle, blue square, black diamond and then double black diamond. The green circle is the easiest trail and is recommended for beginners, but if a skier is feeling confident they should take their skills onto the blue squares on the mountain. These blue square trails will challenge a first time skier and push them to their full potential. There are a few types of specialty trails that beginners might want to watch out for. Trails called “glades” are narrow paths in the woods.

These trails are made for experienced skiers, and this is where you can find some of the best conditions on a mountain. The next kind of trail to watch for is a terrain park. These trails are made famous for their massive ski jumps and handrails for skiers to “grind” on. For skiers wanting that extra excitement out of their trip might want to consider the terrain park. Now that the trail has been chosen, the subsequent step is to get down the mountain. When descending, keep two things in mind at all times, pizza and French fries.
One might find this out of context but it has substantial effect on your speed and safety going down the mountain. Pizza refers to the shape that skis make when in the “slowing down position. ” The tips of the skis will configure to make a triangle, a pizza slice like shape. This position is the safest way for a new skier to slow down. French fry denotes when skis are parallel. This style can be used when on a straightaway or when in full control. Be carful when utilizing the “French fry,” because speed can get the best of a skier in this position.
Skiing is a peaceful activity, and when done correctly can be the best time of somebody’s life. One must consider a basic checklist of supplies to bring on a ski trip so they can make the most out of their experience. Knowing the trails is also crucial; nothing is better than being prepared. It takes some time to get passed the French fry and pizza phase of skiing, but beginners will catch on quickly if practiced with discipline. If all of these steps are correctly completed a new skier will be having a very memorable understanding of the ski slopes.

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