Satire Essay

These fossils re under a lot Of pressure and heat for hundreds on thousands Of years, and in result is a dark substance known as Kerosene. These Kerosene molecules then eventually break down into petroleum or natural gas and are pumped into your gas tanks. That is right; your car is running on a limited supply of dead plants and dead fish souls. So now lets flip the script. Remember that guy you stepped over on the way to work in the morning? Remember the smell of his body that lightly brushed over your nostrils as you carefully avoided him. That man is a part of an incredibly high population of homeless people in America.
The amount of homeless people is roughly estimated to 2. 3 million to 3. 5 million people. That approximately 1 in 10 people living on the streets with no job, no car, and no responsibilities. If only there was away to supply the country with cheaper and more plentiful alternative to gasoline that is so very needed. If only we had camps that housed the homeless in return for nothing but physical labor. Homeless people are full of natural oils. The absence of showers and bathing ensures us that the homeless will not be ridding themselves of their daily odors.
What plaques teenagers with acne can power cars and trucks? If only we could store the oils the homeless are probably bathing in. How do we reach the oils? When we shower the precious oils are mixed in a container of water and soap, and that is not good for cars. So maybe this idea is unrealistic after all. Human pores are cleansed through a very basic process that everyone goes through, sweating. The blood stream carries excess heat in the body towards the surface of the skin, which triggers the sweat glands. These glands that produce sweat are a combination Of water, salt, and amino acids.

Then the sweat escapes into a tiny hole in the skin. These holes are known as pores and they produce natural oils of the body that are usually left undisturbed on the skin of the homeless. The sweat, while passing through the pores, shoots the oils out and allows the body to create more gold. The sweat of the homeless is an endless fountain of resources, resources that can run your cars just as well as gasoline. So all we need to do is get the homeless people sweating. But how can we convince them to live a life of physical labor and sweat? So what do homeless people need the most? They need a job.
But the homeless are not a very central organization; they are coated all around the world. So all we have to do is gather them together and give them homes in the desert. Now we have all the homeless people in one place, sweating together and for a common good. Now what? The sweat must be collected, stored, and shipped out to various companies around the country. Homeless people are a walking gold mine of natural resources. The harvesting of resources is as simple as getting them to jog a lap or even do push-ups. By furnishing our own fuel through the body of the homeless We can establish our dominance as a nation around the country.


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