Sample Assessment for Peer Review


Based on information from readings and research, create an authentic assessment. The assessment can be created for either hypothetical scenario. Briefly describe the learning environment (contextual information such as grade-level, purpose, class topic, learning goals, online or traditional, etc.), how the assessment can enhance student learning, and the learning activity for which the assessment is intended.

Create a minimum of one assessment and at least a 2-page overview of the contextual information. Writing should be in narrative form (not bullets), and follow APA guidelines. Keep in mind that this assignment will be reviewed by your peers in the next module.

Reference to use

Mueller, J. (2016). What is authentic assessment? Retrieved from

The Glossary of Education Reform. (2015). Assessment. Retrieved from

Wehlburg, C. (2008). Transformative assessment: A historical perspective. In Promoting integrated and transformative assessment (pp. 19-38). San Francisco: Jossey Bass. Retrieved from

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