Miss:Maryssa SpencerI recently learned more information about flight MH370, which disappeared into the ocean in 2014. Only a couple pieces of wreckage have been found- almost all of the plane and everyone aboard it are still lost. No one knows exactly what happened but experts are starting to put it all together.It seems that when the plane was lost people jumped to the solution (find the plane), but they didn’t have all of the problem nailed down: what happened, why the plane went off course, how far it traveled, where it most likely went down, etc. They realized they’d spent time in the early  days searching in the wrong area. Once they corrected their data and found new information they were able to clarify their problem and start the search again.I think of the problem definition of this situation: where people tried to solve a situation when they didn’t understand or even know all of the problem yet. But this, too, was a type of focusing event: as the question of whether the pilot took the plane into the ocean in a suicide run has sparked further debate on pilot suicide prevention technology. The search for the plane has already employed new and better ocean mapping technology; we may see better plane tracking and control technology one day soon.It should be noted that the people in the search efforts were working tirelessly and solving the problem the best they could with what data they could get. Their efforts are remarkable. People got creative and found new sources of information. They called in experts from different countries. Also: it is a very big ocean. When the official search was called off others continued the hunt. I believe we will find MH370 someday, and when we do we will finally get the whole story problem to solution.Political Science


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